FoldIT Creations Facebook Spring Contest!

Open to anyone and everyone who can fold paper! Join our facebook page to participate for a chance to win custom FoldIT Creations jewelry of your very own.

Here’s how it works:

Show us how you FOLDIT!
Shake off this winter chill with FoldIT Creations Spring contest! The winner will get to choose 2 items from my shop and one custom order of their very own.

Here’s how to participate:

1. Join our Facebook page!
2. Fold something. Anything. Show us your origami skills and don’t be shy to try something new.
3. Photograph and send your creation to us in a private message and we will upload them to the Facebook pages contest album.
4. Share the link to your photo with your friends and have them like both our page and your FoldIT creation photo.
5. The photo with the most likes by Sunday May 5th, 10AM EDT (Ontario’s Time Zone) wins!

It’s that easy! So get folding!

Emily Yuan Heart

Our first submission by Emily Yuan, United States of America

Submission#2: Ana Carola

Submission#2: Ana Carola, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Submission #3: Irene Neilsen from Denmark


Submission #4: Tonia Pilgrim, Newfoundland, Canada

Chiyogami: Japanese Woodprint Paper

A little sliver on the origins of Chiyogami printing and design by fellow blogger Thuy-Tien Crampton

Thuy-Tien Crampton

I recommend anyone serious about patterns to explore the richness of Chiyogami paper (江戸千代紙).

Chiyogami, literally “thousand generation paper”, is a woodblock-printed paper that Japanese use to write special letters, poems, wrap gifts, cover books and even make paper dolls or small boxes.

Starting in Kyoto’s imperial court, the popularity of Chiyogami spread to Tokyo and Osaka at the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868).

Chiyogami patterns are colorful and closely linked to textile design. The story goes that papermakers visiting Kyoto from the countryside copied patterns from the kimonos of fashionable women they saw on the street.

Traditional prints may include kabuki references or streets scenes from Edo (Tokyo) as well as cranes and tortoises (representing long life and happiness) or pine trees, bamboos and blossoming plum trees (representing good fortune).

Above is a selection of Chiyogami I chose from Ito-ya, one of my favorite paper stores in…

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New Leaf and Butterfly Earrings Up In My Etsy Shop


Black and White Nature Crane Motif Leaf Earrings


Origami Leaf


Medium Size


Blue Crane Migration Motif Origami Leaf Earrings


Blue Crane Leaf Earring


Medium size


Victorian-Style Origami Leaf Earrings


Large Size




Springtime Forrest Green Origami Leaf Earring


Green Sakura


Medium Size


Pink Pearl Butterfy


LaFosse Butterfly Design


Hand folded using a needle and bone folder


Lime Green & Pink Plum Blossom Earring


Spring Blossom


Medium Size

umbrell earrings_1

Blue Umbrella Motif Origami Leaf Earrings

umbrell earrings_2

Rainy Day Earrings

umbrell earrings_3

Funky Large Size


Yellow and Blue Spring Blossom LaFosse Butterfly Post Earrings


Post Butterfly Origami


Penny-sized Kawaii

Origami Rose and Lotus Hair Pins Just in Time for Spring!


Hello All!  I have been working for a few weeks now on some origami hairpin designs and I have a few up in my Etsy shop.  I thought it was time to update my blog with some pics of my lotus and rose origami hair pics.  I hope you like them!  Happy Spring!

Green Pearl Origami Lotus Hairpin

Green Pearl Origami Lotus Hairpin


Side view

Abena rocking her new lotus hairpin

Abena rocking her new lotus hairpin

Shema wearing the large lotus hairpin

Shema wearing the large lotus hairpin

Red and Purple Pearl Lotus

Red and Purple Pearl Lotus

Red Lotus with White Pearl

Red Lotus with White Pearl

Red and Blue Lotus

Red and Blue Lotus



Lime Green Plum Blossom Origami Rose Hair Pin

Lime Green Plum Blossom Origami Rose Hair Pin

Black and White Crane with Trees Print

Black and White Crane with Trees Print

Large Pink Rose

Large Pink Rose

Black and Gold Sakura Print Origami Rose Hair Pin

Black and Gold Sakura Print Origami Rose Hair Pin

Side View

Side View

red-red-rose origami

Red Red Rose

Black_and_white_crane_rose_1_japanese _origami

Chiyogami Black and White Nature Crane Rose Hairpin


Side View