Experimenting with PMC origami jewelry

So recently I have been interested in getting into more silver work.  After a little research I discovered PMC, or precious metal clay.  A clay based silver material bound to an organic moldable compound that when fired burns off leaving one with solid 99.9% fine silver product.  Luckily it comes in thin sheets that can be folded like origami and adorned with gem stones and texturized or stamped.

I went on a little shopping spree online and bought a bunch of PMC, gemstones, tools and an electric kiln, the easy bake oven of jewelry artists.  Now I have to sit and wait for it all to arrive from various parts of the world.  I’m so excited I thought I would share some pics of my shopping hoard, as well as a few photos of other PMC jewelry.



SpeedFire ElectricMini 1600


PMC Silver Casted Leaf


5mm Cabochon Ethiopian Welo Opals


6mm Faceted Natural Peridot


PMC Silver Sheets and Origami Crane


6mm sterling silver bezels

518Zux7mGyL jewelry-design-and-technology-10 pmc004-3


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