About FoldIT Creations

FoldIT Creations is a small one-man operation based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

While working as an English Teacher in Seoul, South Korea, I was constantly given small paper gifts by my grade 5 & 6 students for various occasions. Flowers, cranes, hearts; I was amazed by how small and intricate these origami designs were and how much time and patience went into crafting them. A small collection began to build up on my desk as months went by and I became curious about the process of jong-ie-jeop-gi (Korean name for origami).

In December of 2011, I traveled to Japan to spend Christmas with an old university friend who was living there. She gave me a set of Japanese yuzen papers as a gift and I was hooked. I went back to Korea and spent all my free time at work learning to fold dragons, parrots, narwhals and butterflies. It became an obsession, to take this little piece of paper and have infinite possibilities as to what I could turn it into.

I began to photo journal my folding on Facebook, uploading new creations on a daily basis. My folds became crisper and my projects became smaller as my hands got used to working with the paper.

One day after uploading some pics of impossibly tiny cranes, my Auntie messaged me requesting that I turn some into earrings for her. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, a practical use for my obsession. And that is how FoldIT Creations came into being… a gift from a friend, an obsession with making beautiful things and an idea from an Auntie from across the ocean… it was meant to be…


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