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Want to win these FoldITCreations origami paper rose stud earrings? Giveaway Rules: follow @folditcreations on instagram and tag 3 friends you think would love these unique handmade earrings in the comments. Share! Share! Share! Winner will be announced on Monday, October 19th 2015! Good luck! Open internationally.

Hand-Folded Origami Rose Stud Earrings with Sterling Silver Backings

Hand-Folded Origami Rose Stud Earrings with Sterling Silver Backings


Instagram Give Away Contest!

I N  T O T H E-4

To participate in the FoldIT Creations Instagram giveaway contest check out full contest details on the @FoldITCreations Instagram page.  Good Luck!  Winner will be announced Sat. Nov. 15th.

Experiments With Oxidized Silver & Pattern












You can find all of these fine silver origami items in the FoldIT Creations Etsy Shop

New Sterling Silver Origami Crane Post Earrings!

Oh my gosh!  What a week!  It’s Saturday night and I’m folding more tiny origami crane post earrings for Mother’s Day orders to be filled and shipped by Monday morning.  They are going to new homes as near as the GTA (Greater Toronto Area where I live) and as far as New Zealand.

My Etsy shop this week was abuzz with a flurry of new followers, likes and orders.  A treasury featuring my coral-colored crane post earrings made the front page of handpicked section on Etsy.  So, for a short 30 minutes or so, anyone who visited the Etsy homepage anywhere in the world saw my earrings pop up.  My iPhone Etsy app was going off like it was no ones business and when it rains it pours!

I’m so thankful to Jihye Rim of Suwon, South Korea who created the treasury that featured my earrings; the ripples of which are still being felt days later with more shop likes, followers and treasury features.  A million Thank Yous Jihye!

spring etsy treasury earrings

Etst treasury coral crane earrings


Floral Blue Origami Crane Post Earring

Smaller than a penny

Smaller than a penny

blue and green_floral_origami_crane_post_earring_1

Blue and Green Origami Crane Post Earrings

blue and green_floral_origami_crane_post_earring_2_1

Sterling silver posts

blue and green_floral_origami_crane_post_earring_4

Dime-sized cuteness!


Black, Grey and Origami Crane Post Earrings


Black and Red

Black and Red Rose Floral Chiyogami Paper

Black and Red Rose Floral Chiyogami Paper


These are definitely my best sellers on Etsy


More coral for Spring 2013

Coral and Mint Floral Chiyogami Paper

Coral and Mint Floral Chiyogami Paper


Red Floral Crane Post Earrings


Red Floral Chiyocami Print Paper


Pink and Gold Sakura Crane


Pink and Gold Sakura Chiyo


Green Floral Crane Post Earrings


Mint & Coral Combo Crane Earring


Mint Crane Post Earrings


Mint Floral Chiyogami Print

Obsessive Behavior & Designs

My new favorite origami design is actually a simple one.  The 8-point modular star.  When I learn a new design that can be turned into jewelry I usually become obsessed with that one design for at least 2 weeks.  I fold it over and over until it is imprinted into my mind and I could do it with my eyes closed.  It is border line obsessive behavior.  There is something satisfying to me about modular origami; folding multiple pieces that interlock to form a solid, sturdy geometric form.

The following link is to a youtube video for all you DIY people who want to try it.  Keep in mind, the actual video is for making a Christmas ornament, but its the general design thats important.  It’s really simple, you just have to have patience, time and some awesome chiyogami paper.  Fold On!

French Literary Modular Star Earrings

French Literary Modular Star Earrings

Various Modular Stars

Various Modular Stars

Blue, Brown and Gold

Blue, Brown and Gold

Red Modular Star Origami Earring

Red Modular Star Origami Earring

Patchwork Origami Star Earrings

Patchwork Origami Star Earrings

Literary Origami Star Earrings

Literary Origami Star Earrings

Blue Koi Pond Origami Cranes with Sterling Silver and Pearls


I recently purchased some higher quality metals to give customers a range of options. I must say I do prefer silver myself.