Busy as a bee building stocks of PMC fine silver origami jewelry for the Christmas season!

Folding Precious Metal Clay charms and securing with slip clay

Folding Precious Metal Clay charms and securing with slip clay

Loading up the SpeedFire kiln with PMC clay origami

Loading up the SpeedFire kiln with PMC clay origami


Fired silver plc origami components fresh out of the kiln and ready for cleanup. Coffee is a must in this part of the process. 🙂


Cleaned up PMC origami jewelry components ready to be strung and gemstones ready to be set.


Busiest Months Ever! RAW: Natural Born Artists SENSORY

It has been months since I have posted anything on here.  I’ve been so busy with my Etsy shop and the busiest months to date since I started FoldIT Creations back in November 2012.  I am very proud to say that 2015 has gotten off to a great start and I see nothing but growth with my business, which is very satisfying for a small business owner.  I am now selling online with another site that is locally based out of Toronto called The Noteworthys, and my jewelry is also available in Barrie, Ontario at the MaClaren Art Centre Gallery Shop.  I am thrilled about the opportunity to diversify where I sell my creations and moving off the internet to sell locally within the Province.

In May I had the privilege of being a part of the Toronto launch of RAW: Natural Born Artists SENSORY show at the Mod Club.  It was a night time event from 8pm-2am, showcasing over 40 locally based artists working in various mediums, from painting, fashion designers, to performance and makeup artists.  It was a great experience to meet so many other people who work in so many different mediums of expression all under one roof.

Click here for photos of the RAW Toronto event.

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Valentine’s Day 2014

blue-silver-gold-origami-heart-stud-earrings_1 blue-silver-gold-origami-heart-stud-earrings_2 origami_heart_earrings_stud_pink_post_valentinesday_3 origami_heart_stud_earrings_red_gold_valentines_day_2 Origami_valentines_day_heart_earrings_pink_teal_post_stud.2 pink-gold-origami-heart-stud-earrings_1 pink-gold-origami-heart-stud-earrings_3 upcycled_vintage_map-origami-heart-stud-earrings_1 upcycled_vintage_map-origami-heart-stud-earrings_2 upcycled_vintage_map-origami-heart-stud-earrings_3 upcycled_vintage_map-origami-heart-stud-earrings_4

A few new things up in my Etsy Shop!

Colorful Floral Origami Multi-Leaf Earrings

31892_161099587373569_481282602_n multi-leaf-origami-2


New Crane Earrings

origami-stormy-blue-crystal-crane_1  black-floral-origami-crane-2

red-turquoise-origami-drop-crane-2  origami_crane_turquoise_2

origami-red-gold-crane_2  kyanite-crane-origami-2


Origami Dragonflies

blue-dragonfly-origami-2  red-origami-dragonfly-pearl-2 il_fullxfull.417324668_byql  il_fullxfull.417330695_u2w8

Origami Single Leaf Earrings

 IMG_3627   IMG_3628

IMG_3625   origami_leaf_lucky_cat

IMG_3624   origami-black-leaf-gold-crane_1


Keep Calm and Fold On!

Baby it’s cold outside! Thursday chiyogami run at The Paper Place on Queen West

Brrrrr!  Today was absolutely freezing here in Toronto!  I braved the cold, wrapped in layers and my favorite hand-knitted puffin mittens from Newfoundland, I cycled down to Queen West in search of more papers.  It has become an weekly occurrence now, Thursday paper runs.   I get in the terrible of habit of buying new chiyogami paper with some motif that I absolutely love, working with it until I am sick of it, then heading back to The Paper Place the following week for a new fix wether I need paper or not.  I guess you could say I am a bit of a paper junkie.  Chiyogami is my like my artistic crack.  Thank God they have a massive selection to keep me pacified.  ^_^


Blue, Brown and Earth Tone Motifs


Blue Chiyogami Papers


The Japanese Paper Place & Dark Horse Coffee


I spend a lot of time just staring





Visit the Paper Place Toronto at:  http://www.thepaperplace.ca/