The NEW FoldIT Creations Online Shop is up! ^_^

Hey All.  So I decided to open a secondary FoldIT shop via  I had been hearing a lot of people talking about it recently and then a few days back Venture One sent me an invite to try it so I took this as a synchronicity.  The universe was sending me a message to open an independent shop from the etsy shop.  This doesn’t mean I will be closing my etsy shop, but rather I am expanding.  I’ve had a lot of people say they were interested in buying things but really didn’t want to make an etsy account.  The new shop allows people to shop as guests.  No signup necessary.

Here are a few screen grabs of the new FoldIT Creations shop at I still haven’t decided on a  background motif yet.  Any suggestions?

Picture 11

Picture 14

Picture 13

Picture 12

Picture 15