Up-Cycled Book Series


I am constantly exploring new designs with old, damaged books. A new way to enjoy a good book; wear it!

Note:  No new, healthy books were harmed in the making of these literary origami earrings.

Obsessive Behavior & Designs

My new favorite origami design is actually a simple one.  The 8-point modular star.  When I learn a new design that can be turned into jewelry I usually become obsessed with that one design for at least 2 weeks.  I fold it over and over until it is imprinted into my mind and I could do it with my eyes closed.  It is border line obsessive behavior.  There is something satisfying to me about modular origami; folding multiple pieces that interlock to form a solid, sturdy geometric form.

The following link is to a youtube video for all you DIY people who want to try it.  Keep in mind, the actual video is for making a Christmas ornament, but its the general design thats important.  It’s really simple, you just have to have patience, time and some awesome chiyogami paper.  Fold On!

French Literary Modular Star Earrings

French Literary Modular Star Earrings

Various Modular Stars

Various Modular Stars

Blue, Brown and Gold

Blue, Brown and Gold

Red Modular Star Origami Earring

Red Modular Star Origami Earring

Patchwork Origami Star Earrings

Patchwork Origami Star Earrings

Literary Origami Star Earrings

Literary Origami Star Earrings

Black and Gold Modular Star Earrings

origami modular star.jpg

Black and Gold, Black and Gold

When I learn a new design, I kind of go overboard; folding it until I’m sick of it. Right now this if my new favorite design. Keep warm Toronto!

Baby it’s cold outside! Thursday chiyogami run at The Paper Place on Queen West

Brrrrr!  Today was absolutely freezing here in Toronto!  I braved the cold, wrapped in layers and my favorite hand-knitted puffin mittens from Newfoundland, I cycled down to Queen West in search of more papers.  It has become an weekly occurrence now, Thursday paper runs.   I get in the terrible of habit of buying new chiyogami paper with some motif that I absolutely love, working with it until I am sick of it, then heading back to The Paper Place the following week for a new fix wether I need paper or not.  I guess you could say I am a bit of a paper junkie.  Chiyogami is my like my artistic crack.  Thank God they have a massive selection to keep me pacified.  ^_^


Blue, Brown and Earth Tone Motifs


Blue Chiyogami Papers


The Japanese Paper Place & Dark Horse Coffee


I spend a lot of time just staring





Visit the Paper Place Toronto at:  http://www.thepaperplace.ca/

Recycled Vintage Book Origami Crane Earring (1954)


On my walks though the Annex (the Toronto neighborhood where I live) I find a lot of old books left on sidewalks by their owners. They are usually old or damaged and continue to sit there until the trash collector comes. I started taking them a while back but not really knowing what I would do with them. I just couldn’t bare to see them rained on, snowed on and left to the elements. Well I am pleased to say that I have been able to give them a second chance as beautiful literary origami jewelry. Everyone deserves a second chance!